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60" x 48" Night Garden Series painting with sunflower field and original poem embedded in the texture. Sunflower Field
“The sun will stream another day,
And darkness gives it dew,
To host euphoric beauty-binge,
Unrehearsed and new.
But O! The quickening of my heart,
Preceding glory’s view
To all, to me, to anyone,
Unwavering and true.” ~Kirsten Bowen 

Night Garden 2

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  • "The sun will stream another day, 

    and darkness gives it dew,

    to host euphoric beauty-binge,

    unrehearsed and new.

    But O! the quickening of my heart,

    preceding glory's view

    to all, to me to anyone,

    unwavering and true." 

    ~Kirsten Bowen

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